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Baking Goes Nerdy

2011 August 30
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

All right, so for my first official post back, I want to talk about baking. Yes a seemingly strange thing to talk about here, but just go with me for a second. I LOVE baking! It is one of my great pleasures in life. Cooking I like too, but I struggle with it and have made some bad dishes. (Note when cooking Chicken Parmesan you need an actual pan and not a cookie sheet, even if the cookie sheet has a lip on it.) But, baking I rock at. You want some tasty cupcakes, then I’m the person to talk to.

Now one of the things I’m happy about is that it seems to me anyway, that it is becoming more socially acceptable to be a nerd. My gauge for this is the number of nerd paraphernalia that is available. I have such an easier time finding shirts that are in my size and have comic book characters on them. I go to Target and in both the women and men’s section, you can find shirts with old school video game characters and comic book characters. Way back when I did a posting about the MAC Wonder Woman collection. Being a nerd and being proud of it has become an accepted thing for both men and women. (However, I am still given some strange faces when people realize I work at a comic book store) This proudness has now extended into the kitchen! William Sonoma one of the Juggernauts of cooking supplies has now made some nerd themed collections. The first one came out a while ago, it was Star Wars themed, and I loved it. I bought my fiance the Heroes and Villains Cookie Cutter Set and the Darth Vader Spatula for his birthday. I have yet to use the cookie cutters, but I am extremely excited to just because of the sheer fancy-ness of them! (It cuts out the shape, then you push down on a button and it imprints the design on them. They are high tech cookie cutters.)

Star Cookiesspatula

They have now come out with their second nerd themed collection and I will not lie, I squealed when I saw this in the catalog. It is a Marvel themed collection!!! Yes, you can get aprons, cookie cutters, and mini cake pans that feature Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-man. (The mini cake pan also has Thor and Wolverine) Special attention has been paid to Spiderman who also has his own cupcake set and comic book shaped cookie cutter set.

Cookies mini cakesspidy cupcakes

The site also has a really cheesy special made web comic that features the marvel gang, and of course this baking collection. Someone out there is instantly going to go on about The Disney-fication of Marvel and this being an example. And I say yes, this probably would not have happened if not for Disney buying Marvel (William Sonoma already has a Cars collection too, so they were already in bed together.) Personally, I do not care though. I love this collection and think it is super cute. If people have issues with it, then don’t buy and just keep reading your comic books.
I do wish that the set did have Wolverine in more than just the one thing. I am a huge X-men fan, so it makes me sad that he was jilted. But, if they were to feature everyone’s favorite characters then the collection would be absolutely out of control (and I don’t mean in a good way) So I do get that they had to limit it down. I do know though that my life will be incomplete if I don’t get the Marvel Cupcake Decorating set :D
marvel cupcake

I think I shall now go and have a snack,
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

I’m Be Back Suckers!

2011 August 30
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

Hello and welcome back!!!!!!
Sorry that I have taken such a long hiatus, sadly, school has to come first before random blogging and I have just been way too busy to do this. However, I am out of class for this semester and will now try to continue doing this once more.
I have some very exciting personal announcement, I now officially am the girl at the comic book store :D I started a few weeks back at Rogues Games & Gallery, and it is awesome! I get to geek-out and throw batarangs at my coworkers. No complaints here :) So if you need comics, games, or other random nerd-ness go there.

It’s good to be back, and I’ll update very soon!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Green Hornet Review

2011 January 24
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

To commemorate the return of school, I recently went and saw the new Seth Rogen film the Green Hornet.

This was just a really fun film. It was a great blend of comedy and action and bad ass-ness! I seriously want Kato (Jay Chou) to be my friend and make me coffee and cool gadgets and be a constant bad ass. Angelia Jolie needs to take note, and the next kid that she adopts needs to be from Shanghai. But, she needs him to be a little bit older so he will have lived on the streets and thus be amazing. She could then fire all her security and just have her adopted son protect her and be just fine! (and that is how you get a Kato apparently).

I haven’t heard the original radio series, or see any of the TV series, or the previous movies, or read the comic books (yeah this has been done in just about every possible format) so I can’t say how die-hard fans are going to feel about it. But I really did enjoy it. Is it amazing? No. Do I think you should take the time to see it? Yes.

There were a few things that took me a little bit to get into and accept. The biggest thing was the Kato red vision that helped him be awesome. red vision When it was first used, it threw me off and I didn’t like it. It seemed too video game-esc for me. But as the film went on it didn’t bother me as much and I learned to like it. It added to the overall feel of the film in a positive way.

Overall, I think this movie takes a moment to get into. Maybe it’s cause it’s not an extremely famous super hero story, so they have to spend much more time explaining everything to you, unlike with better knowns like Batman (playing Devil’s advocate here, Iron Man had to do a lot of back story, but did it in a perfect way). In some ways, Green Hornet is almost like a blend of Iron Man and Batman. Guy takes to being a masked vigilante with no special skills or powers except for his cool gadgets (Batman?) he is the heir to a family fortune/business (both?) has spent most of his life living as a carefree playboy (Iron Man?)

But anyway! The film took some time for me to get into, but once I did I liked the idiocy of Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) in contrast to Kato’s stealthy cool skills. I also liked how these guys were not masterminds, who were able to easily outwit the villains, cue Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz) who tell them somewhat what to do, unknowingly, through her guesses of what The Green Hornet will do next.
This film in all of its silliness and over-the-top-ness was at the same time more grounded and oddly realistic than most super hero films. Since the Green Hornet is not a super hero, but a vigilante, you could believe that maybe some guy would actually take up doing this. (Mr. Phoenix Jones I’m looking at you!) It’s just taken to the next level to the “not actually gonna happen, but I really wish it would” level.

I do have one note on Mr. Seth Rogen. He is a very funny guy, and I really enjoy his movies, but for once in a film could you be someone other than yourself! Like I said, you’re funny. But I get tired of you doing the same thing over and over again and just changing the premise. A good majority of the comedic actors out there fall prey to this and to everyone I say, “Expand your options and be different!” We will love you for this and have more respect for you. Plus, we will be more inclined to see your next film. I’m not sure if I’m going to see Seth Rogen’s next film Paul since it’s him, as an alien. *sigh* I know you have it in you Mr. Rogen! You have done it before (Fanboys), so do it again!

Well since school has returned, I am off to go study. I’m hoping that I will at least be able to update this once a week (possibly every Monday?)

So till then!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Wonder Woman MAC Collection

2011 January 17
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

This one is for all my fellow make-up loving maniacs! So this spring MAC cosmetics is going to be releasing a Wonder Woman themed collection!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m a freelance make-up artist with the company Pür Minerals, and as such I’m a total make-up junkie. So you take make-up, comic books, and smoosh them together I will be all over it!
So, the details thus far are that the collection will launch state side February 10th and that the collection will include 4 lipsticks glosses, mascaras, 3 eye shadow quads, 2 nail polishes, glitter, pigment, blush duos, make-up bags, brush sets, highlighters, and a pen liner, fake lashes, mirror.
blush ww2

Not seeing and playing with the products in person yet I can’t for sure say what I think about them or what I want. But I do have a serious love affair with blushes so I’m definitely going to check those out and I can’t resist a set of eye shadows! (If anyone from MAC reads this, I would love to have some samples so I can give a full review!)

I’m not an active fan of Wonder Woman. I’ve just never got into her story or anything. But since she was one of the early strong female characters in comic books I still like her and have to support her. Now that MAC has formed a friendship with DC I say let it continue!

Gothic City Sirens I want a Gotham City Sirens collection. The team up between Gotham’s hottest bad girls deserves to be celebrate through the pretty-ness of make-up. Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman are 3 of the most iconic bad girls that collection would be amazing. Each character could have her own palette. Ivy would be the green shadows with a hot pink blush , Catwoman would be smoky purples and a shimmery pink, and Harley would be the tan and blacks shadows with a crimson blush. It would be amazing and I would buy every piece of it! MAC people take note, this would be a great collection and I suggest you get on it.

Gonna go and play with my make-up now!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Season 2 Premiere of V

2011 January 11
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Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

Ah yes, the start of a new year and the return of new television shows! Last week many of my favorite shows started back up (Castle, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy). And the 2nd series V also premiered.

For those of you who do not know, V was originally a TV miniseries in the 80’s. I first watched it when I was probably 13. My dad saw that it was on TV and had me watch it since Sci-Fi has always been something that we both enjoyed. And I LOVED it! It was one of the first times that I saw what I consider to be a fairly realistic take on Aliens coming to earth especially since it was set in (when it was made) modern times and not a couple hundred years in the future.
Last year ABC brought it back as an actual TV series and I thought they did a good job with the show. They took the basic idea of the miniseries (Aliens coming to earth disguised to look like us and pretending to be peaceful, all the while trying to destroy humans) but then made it their own. They didn’t have the exact same characters, plot lines, or events. I think this was a good way to go with it since it allowed them to make the story more appropriate to our generation while not upsetting the original fans.
So the first season was cool and got enough support for them to get the green light on season 2. This past Tuesday it premiered and I have to say that it left me disappointed.

*spoiler alert! Skip this section*

There were 2 things that annoyed me:
First there was Anna’s Alien Tail of doom. She uses it at the beginning to slice open one of the captain’s human faces to show his lizard face under it. The graphics weren’t very good and looked like something that you would find on the Sci-Fi channel.

See the clip

Then later when the character Ryan chases a Visitor tracker through a university, you very clearly see a crash pad when the tracker jumps down a flight of stairs. On a major TV show, I should not see that as obviously as I did. In addition, the sequence seemed to be filler. It was fairly long, and parts of it seemed to be in there just for flash.

*End of Spoiler!*

Even past these two disturbances, the story itself was lack luster. One of the things that I loved about the original was the fact that despite it being about Aliens coming to earth, that many things seemed realistic, especially when it came to things like the fifth column and the struggles that they encountered. But this episode everything seemed to fall into place sooooo easily for them. I liked how season 1 they had to constantly fight for any sort of victory and a good percent of the time things didn’t work out for them or it came together haphazardly. I wasn’t as wrapped up in it since everything seemed so, well scripted!

I know that I just tore this apart, but I am not giving up on the show yet by any means. This is only the first season and there is plenty of time for them to redeem themselves. They have also set up a few different story possibilities that I am excited for. (Anna having mommy issues?)
If you already watch the show, I say stick with it at least for this season before passing final judgment. If you haven’t watched the show than I highly suggest that you go and see the first season so you can start to watch this one too! And everyone should go watch the original because it’s awesome-ness (I will say the first part is better than the second part and I often watch just the first and ignore the second, but you should go watch both).

Also check out my video about this and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Video Blog!

2011 January 11
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Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

I have decided to expand this blog by also doing videos. That’s right, I now have a YouTube channel:

I only have a few videos up, but there will be more to come! I’ll post on here when I have new videos, but also be sure to subscribe to me that way you’ll be automatically updated when I have a new video.
Thanks guys!

xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

The Fighter Review

2011 January 4
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Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

Part of how I spent my holiday was going and seeing the new movie The Fighter. When I saw this, I had never even seen a preview for the film. All I knew was that it had Mark Walburg with no shirt on, and that is typically enough to get me to go and see the film. Now I’m not into boxing or fighting, I never understood the idea of intentionally getting into fights. However, despite this, I really did enjoy this film and gave me a new appreciation for boxing!

The story is based on a true story of two brothers in the early 90’s. The elder is Dicky Eklund, played by Christian Bale, who is a former boxer turned crack head. The younger brother is “Irish” Mickey Ward, done by Mark Wahlberg, when he is first starting off with boxing. The film has a gritty, documentary style since it begins with HBO making a film about Dicky. I’m really not big on that type of filmmaking since it tends to hurt my head since the camera is typically unsteady. However, they did a good job of getting this look without having the downfalls of documentary style. It was also appropriate for the film and almost made you think that the entire movie was 17 years old instead of a new production.

Christian Bale is an extremely talented actor. When you look at this guy’s resume he has done so many different roles, and he does them all so well. Now, he is not always the best at picking projects *cough*Reign of Fire*cough* but he picked an awesome film and did an amazing job! I know I have talked a lot about Oscar nominations, and I swear that I do not think that every actor deserves one. But hell, I’ll go as far as to say that he deserves to win already! The job that he does in the film is phenomenal. The character is a very animated person to the point of thinking “is this guy for real?” Then at the very end of the film, it gives you a brief clip of the real life people and yeah, this guy is for real. Dicky Eklund is so in your face and abrasive in real life, and Christian Bale gets it perfectly! I can only imagine that he must have spent day’s just studying footage of him since he gets all his mannerisms down perfectly. Sir, I bow down to you and if I could, I would hand you the Oscar right now myself.
The performance by Amy Adams as Charlene Fleming was really surprising. When I think of Amy Adams, I think of cute films like Enchanted, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Julie & Julia, and so on. All of these films have her being really sweet, perfectly pretty. This role was very different! She was crass, very 90’s party girl (as the sisters in the film describe her she’s a MTV girl meaning skank, whore, slut, etc). She also does not seem to have the perfect body in the film, which was helped because she had just gotten pregnant when filming began. The character seemed like the type of person that you would have found working in a small town bar in the early 90’s. Amy Adams while she wouldn’t have been who I would have thought of for the role, did a great job and it’s great to see her expanding to more challenging roles.
As for Mark Wahlberg, this role was right up his alley, and he did a good job with it. The character starts off really subdue and despite his physical strength, he is very weak and lets everyone else be in charge. Mark Wahlberg does a good job of doing a slow transformation into a stronger person and not being a doormat. At the end when you see the real life footage of Mickey Ward, it reiterates that this person was really like this. That while his brother was the attention grabber, he just sat there and went along with things.
The whole ensemble was great. All the sisters and the mom were spot on perfect. Like I said earlier, it really felt like the film was made in the 90’s, and a big part of that was due to all the additional characters no matter how small. They felt like the kind of trashy people you would actually encounter in a small town like that.
There is one, that made me laugh really hard! It’s where the mom Alice Ward (Melissa Leo) and all the sisters (I think there was 7 of them….) jump into the car to go confront Charlene. it was a really funning part, but I was afraid that if they got into a fender bender they would explode since there was so much hairspray! Oh 90’s fashion.

sister 1 sis2

I really think that this film is going to get many nominations and hopefully it will take home a few too. It was extremely well done and I recommend that you see it.
Overall, December has been a very good month for movies, and it should make the Oscars a very tight race.

Till next time!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Tron:Legacy Review

2011 January 3
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Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

So, I’m a little bit late with this one, since I know that a lot of people have already seen Tron: Legacy. I’ve been hesitant to see it though, since I kept hearing so many mixed reviews. Some said it’s great, others that it’s ok, and that the only way to like it is if you see it in the Imax D-box. Well, I finally went and saw it in 3D XD. And I really enjoyed it!
Now firstly, if you are planning on seeing it make sure that you spend the extra money to see it in 3D. Honestly, if you go and see it in 2D I think you’re wasting your time, since the biggest draw to this film is the visuals. I loved how they switched between 2D and 3D for the real world and the computer world. It’s a simple touch, but one that was perfect.
Also, when characters get derezed, aka killed, it looks really cool! Seriously, if people actually died like that there would be a big problem, since I would start running around killing people just to watch them die! *cue evil laughter*

Well, the film is not the greatest thing ever done and there was definitely room for improvement, but if you take it for what it was, it was awesome! It was fun to watch and is a film that I would definitely go and see again. It makes me sad that real life isn’t like that and that I can’t jump into my computer and play around. While the story isn’t going to win any awards, it was still good. (Note: if you have seen the original Tron you will appreciate this one more. Also don’t look too much into certain things. It’s about people getting digitized and running around in a computer program. It’s not exactly accurate, but don’t go splitting hairs about how “that couldn’t really happen”). Take the film for what it is, a Disney Sci-fi film and it’s great.

One of the things that I had been looking forward to was the reverse-aged Jeff Bridges. Now, the young version of him in the computer was great I had no issues with since they were in a computer world. But when they did the flash back with him in 1989 in the real world, it just didn’t fit. It was cool and all, but it was so obvious that it was all computer generated. I would have rather had him look slightly older and more realistic, than really young and really fake. It wouldn’t have been a terrible thing for him to look a little bit older, the guy was running the company and creating a “perfect” computer world. Yeah, I think he might have had some premature gray hairs don’t you?

One big difference between the old film and the new one that has sparked a bit of a debate is that, in the original, the only person in the computer world who had emotions was Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), since he was a user and not a program. However, in this new one, all of the programs have emotions. Ummmmmm, no. These are supposed to be computer programs. Computers don’t feel! Now the lack of emotion in the first film made some people not like it since everyone seemed so detached, however it made sense for what was going on. In this one, it didn’t make sense, especially since the character CLU (also Jeff Bridges) was supposed to be trying to make the system perfect. Last I checked, if my computer starts to feel, that’s an imperfection. And worse yet, there could have been a really easy way to explain it all and have gotten rid of this issue. When Kevin is explaining what happened, all he would have had to say was that “in his quest to make the system perfect and try and change the world he began to try and humanize the programs by giving them basic feelings. The programs adapted quickly and soon took on a type of artificial intelligence”. You’re welcome Disney! That would have fixed all the nuances between the films. Such as, how the game grid is now much like the gladiators, where the masses of programs go to watch other rouge programs get derezed. And you get flamboyant David Bowie type characters such as Castor/Zuse (Michael Sheen), along with weasels like Jarvis (James Frain). By putting in that one thing bam! All problems solved. Without this explanation, the only characters that should have had emotions within the system were Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), and Quorra (Olivia Wilde). If you are not one of these, three please revert to being a stiff computer program.

Now, on the topic of characters/ actors.
Kevin Flynn was supposed to have been stuck in the system since 1989. In order to prove this, they make it where he uses outdated jargon….a lot. They could have had the occasional throw back term and kept all the “mans”. But they did a bit too much of it. Looking up and saying “radical” is just silly-ness.
Garrett Hedlund is a cute guy……that’s about all I can say about him. He did an ok job, but I feel that they could have gotten someone a bit better. A lot of his lines were really cheesy, but that’s not really his fault. So, I can’t give the guy too much crap.
Overall, I felt that Olivia Wilde did one of the best jobs. Her character was supposed to almost be somewhere between program and human and she did a good job of that. Her occasional naivety was well done, in that she didn’t over play it.

Overall, if you haven’t seen this film yet, make sure you do. This is not the type of film that you should wait to see at home, since it won’t be nearly as cool.
And lastly, after watching it I want to do two things.
A) Ride a motorcycle
B) Play Kingdom Hearts 2 again

Anyone else feel the same way? Well I think I’m going to go a pick up the old Key blade now!
Xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

2010 December 25
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

So in the latest issue of Game Informer they have an article by Meagan Marie about the reboot that Crystal Dynamics is doing of the Tomb Raider franchise. Now when I was younger and Tomb Raider was all the rage I was a huge fan. It was a girl, kicking ass while looking sexy and being smart and witty to boot. However as I’ve gotten older and looked back at the games I find the character to be flat. Lara Croft was a product of girl power but a very shallow one. However from what the article discuses this new Lara seems to be a character of much more sustenance and to be more realistic.
The game is meant to be a stand alone, a reinvention of the basic character and her story. In this version Lara, who tried to avoid her family fame association by going to a non Ivy League university, is fresh out of college and at 22 and headed out on her first adventure. She is sailing to Japan when her ship is caught in a storm and is destroyed. When she then awakes, she finds herself on a hostile island. The game is not designed to show how easily Lara adjusts to whatever is thrown at her, but instead to show her struggle to be able to survive to see another day, not find another treasure.

The emphasis seems no longer to be that Lara is a symbol of girl power and that girls can not only be part of what is traditionally a man’s world, but that they can do it better. Instead, that this is a person who is having to overcome their privileged upbringing and stand on their own two feet. In the original games, it seems that even from her early stages of adventuring as a teen that she seemed to easily overcome any obstacles that threatened her success. However just from looking at some of the game images, we can see that she is not going to have an easy time. She is battered, bruised, and covered in grim, not at all like the pristine Laura that we have been previously presented with. Also from the looks of her, she seems to be a bit more realistic when compared to her predecessor. While still looking amazing as all female video characters do, her bust has been toned down and her waist not as extreme as it use to be.

beat up lara

Well I’m really excited from the little tidbits of info that they are giving. While I sometimes get annoyed with the never ending conflicting stories that happen within franchises (the games give you one story, but the movie than changes it up, and then the next game tries to backtrack and create a different back story, and then depending on which comic book series you read the story is once again different). For fans this is really annoying and can lead to fights about what a characters back story is and which one is better (just say no to bone claws!) However when enough time has passed I’m ok with a redo and a clean start.
One thing that I must say is that from the information that is provided in Game Informer is that the game seems to be trying to do a Lost type thing. She is stuck on an island that is filled with hostiles. Early on in the game you are apparently presented with a large spanning shot of the island and you see that the island is surrounded with the wreckage of ships and planes from decades past. As the article puts it

“…we’re left pondering the mystery of the island once more. Why is it impossible to escape the isle’s gravitational pull? Why has its shoreline become a graveyard of dilapidated vessels? What do the natives want from the remaining Endurance crew? Lara’s fate is inextricably tied to unearthing the secrets of her geographical captor, and as she becomes more adept, there is no doubt she will discover the truth – rational or otherwise.”

Sound a bit like Lost to anyone else? However I was all consumed by Lost so that does make me a little giddy to play then game.

Now, while I was a big Tomb Raider fan I never got past about the 3rd level in all the games. Now part of this is that I have never been a virtuoso when it comes to games and I was probably only about 12 when I started, however the controls in the games were really hard to manage! Half the time I was playing, I was trying to jump from one ledge to another and would fail miserably. After talking to some people, I’ve found I’m not alone in this. With any luck, this has been something that they have spent some time trying to improve. For the most part Crystal is keeping a tight mouth about the combat except for saying that it will be using free aim system to make the game more competitive and that Lara’s ingenuity will be put to use for finding and using weapons. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how well a game is made or good the story is, if the controls are too difficult to use than it won’t be fun to play.

Overall I am rather excited about this game and am looking forward to playing it whenever it is released. And if anyone from Crystal Dynamics is reading this I own a PS3 and would love a copy of the game so I could tell the world what I think of it :D just saying…..

A merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Serenity Trade

2010 December 21
Posted by NerdGirl Roxy

Ok going to switch things up and talk a little bit about some comic books!

Comic Cover

So a week or so ago I got the third trade in the Serenity comics by Dark Horse called, “The Shepherd’s Tale”. Now, if you do not know the movie Serenity or the short-lived TV series that was prior to the film, Firefly, shame on you and fix this immediately. And if you have seen the movie, but not the show, fix this too. The show is on my list of things that need to be brought back and is what made me fall in love with Nathan Fillion.

In the movie, Shepherd Book, played by Ron Glass, is important to the story, but they don’t go into his character very much. In the show, they begin to dive into his story and in the episode “Safe” you find out that actually was someone very important in the alliance and just due to who he is, he is able to get immediate medical attention on an alliance ship. But sadly, due to the shows early cancelation we never get more than that teaser into his mysterious past. This comic book trade is all about him (if you couldn’t guess from the title) and what he had done to end up where he ended.
While initially I was super excited about learning more about him and what his role had been in the alliance, I have to say I was disappointed with the trade. The back-story for him was cool and I was very happy with it. However, after I read it I was left with the thought, ‘That’s it? Caaaaan I get a bit more please!’ They really could have made an entire series that just followed Shepherd Book all the way up until he joined with the Serenity crew and I would have read the entire thing! Based off of the few events that they laid out in the trade it’s not like they didn’t have material to work with.

*Spoiler Alert! Skip this next section if you don’t want to know what happens!*

In chronological order (so in reverse order of the comic book): As a child he runs away from home, then joins up with the brown coats, he than enlists as a sleeper agent in the alliance feeding them info, and quickly moves up the ranks due to his drive and cruelty. Once getting to be a high ranked officer, he sabotages a battle causing a major blow to the alliance after begin discharged. He then becomes a priest to try and find redemption, which leads to where the TV series begins.

*End Spoiler*

Ummm yeah, you have several years of story material there and you squeeze it into one trade with each section only lasting 2-4 pages. No. That story line deserves to be in depth and long lasting.
The story was written by Joss and Jack Whedon. So, that explains why it is like this, since it seems like it could be a TV episode. You have an initial event that then forces the character to think back to how he got to where he is, but the events are in reverse order of how they happened. If they had moments of him in his present situation intertwined throughout the flashbacks it would have been just like episode “Safe”. Perhaps the Whedons should stay away from writing comics and stick to TV and film.

Chris Samnee’s artwork was good for it, but I personally prefer a more realistic style. His is very boxy with severe dark lines. Which is fine, just not my favorite. At certain point, such as during Shepherds darker moments, I felt the style was helpful to the story. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, I do judge comics by their artwork and have not read certain comic books because I thought the art was too cartoony or messy for me. But this did not fall into this category.

So the basic rundown is that, if you are a brown coat, you should read it to get the full Shepherd story, but you’ll most likely be wishing that they had invested the time to make it an actual series.

Time to catch up on some more comic books!
xoxo NerdGirl Roxy

Black Swan

2010 December 18
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Let me start by saying I have a total love/hate relationship with director Darren Aronofsky . He is an amazing director, but his films have a tendency to make me very uncomfortable! I’ve never seen Requiem for a Dream (note: that website took me a few minutes to figure out! if you seen the movie go to the site, you’ll like it.) all the way to the end because it just got to be too much for me and I left the room. The reason his films are so uncomfortable for me is due to how graphic they are. If it is drugs, sex, violence, anything he will show you it. This is also, what makes his films so good because it keeps it so real.

Now for the guys: yes Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis do make out and have a sex scene.  

Black Swan was a true Aronofsky film. I thought the film was about two lesbian ballerinas and them competing over the lead in Swan Lake. Ummmm, no.  It was so creepy at parts! I had been planning to go home after the movie but instead had to go over to my fiancés house since I was so uneasy afterwards. There are many moments in the film where it suddenly showed something and I had to cover my eyes and thought ‘ewwww! Why did you show us that?!’ Everything helps you get into the mind of Natalie Portman’s character and builds the suspense of what is really happening and what is in her mind.
Although sometimes a bit disorienting the camera style was very appropriate for the film. There are certain moments that almost have a documentary film due to them using a hand held camera and filming certain scenes over or behind Natalie Portman’s shoulder as if you are looking into her life as it was.

For acting, Natalie Portman did an amazing job with the character of Nina. The film starts with her as this insanely sheltered girl striving for perfection and sweetness. Everything she is and wears is white, pink, and soft. She does a great job with showing this constant fear and insecurity. However, in her more emotional moments, she suddenly completely switches, but it never seems fake when she switches over. Her ability to portray someone who is losing it is part of what makes the film so real and thus so creepy. It will be no surprise if she gets an Oscar nomination for this.
Mila Kunis also does a good job as Lily. One moment she is very kind and genuine and then in the next scene she is this manipulative “black swan”. Throughout the film, you keep questioning her intentions and if she should be trusted or if it is all in Nina’s head.

If you like films that really make you feel something and are realistic than you will like this film. However, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. As I said earlier, it is very graphic and makes you uncomfortable at points.  For me, it was an amazing film that was very well done, but I am sure as hell not going to sit through it again. Once was enough for me.

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True Grit

2010 December 16
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True Grit Poster

So, I got to see True Grit last night at the Paramount Theatre. And the film did not disappoint! Now, I’ve never seen the original (something that I plan to remedy soon) so I can’t compare the two. But the Coen Brothers do a beautiful job with this film and it’s sure to take in a ton of Oscar nominations.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m a total cinematography junkie. Give me a well filmed movie and I will sit there and watch it, not knowing the story, and with no sound. The cinematography in the film was wonderful. The very first shot starts the mood with a high contrast shot, and throughout the film they have the wide shots of the frontier that you associate with westerns. One section that truly stood out above the rest for me was towards the end when Jeff Bridges’ character (Marshall Rooster Cogburn) is riding with Hailee Steinfeld (Mattie Ross). The way it was done makes you feel as if you are actually there with them. All film students need to study that sequence in depth. Mr. Roger Deakins I bow down to your greatness and see why you are one of the go-to guys in Hollywood.

The acting was exactly what you would expect from such a stellar cast. Jeff Bridges (whom I would argue is one of the greatest actors of our time) puts on a wonderful performance; his character seems like one that would have actually existed back in the old west. Matt Damon surprised me with just how well he portrayed his Texas Ranger character LaBoeuf.  His character was perfectly balanced with cheesiness and believability. The first thing that Mattie Ross says of LaBoeuf is that he looks like a rodeo clown which sums him up in part. But Matt Damon never takes it too far into goofy land which would be very easy with such a character.
The back and forth between LaBoeuf and Marshall Cogburn is hysterical.  And their delivery is spot on.
Now, there is one minor character that bugged me and the whole time he was on all I could think was ‘seriously? What is the point of him being like that?’ towards the end there is a character who all he ever does is make animal sounds. It is to be assumed that he is mental disabled and that his brother is the reason he is there. If this character is in the original book by Charles Portis, then I’m willing to overlook it. But if this is a character that was added in, then I say no. He should have been cut since he did nothing for the story and just left the audience with a big question mark on their foreheads (This is a very small complaint and is my only complaint).

The film was just the right blend of traditional Westerns and modern film making. Like in so many of the Coen brother’s films it has enough comedy, suspense, and drama making it a well-balanced film. As I said earlier, it’s sure to bring in numerous Oscars and I suggest that you go and see the film as soon as you have a chance.

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